Friday, April 29, 2011


Good Morning Everyone !!! Pagi ni bangun2 je hujan lebat sangat kat area Seksyen U5 Shah Alam. Sejuk je rasanya. Even sekarang ni pun masih hujan lagi. Tapi minta2 la petang karang tak ujan. Coz nak tengok ROYAL WEDDING. Bercerita pasal wedding, sekarang ni tengah meghitung hari je for my Wedding Anniversary. Seronok sangat. For my hubby, this is for you..

You are the one
that comes into my dreams.
You are the one that I need
and want to share my life with.

I was really blessed
when you came into my life.
We fell in love
and life became so much better.
Walking through this life
alone can be very hard.

I am so glad to have you
and to share our life together.
I don’t tell you enough
that you are the one
that I reach for
when life gets me down.

You are the one
that I have dream about.
The one that I have waited
for half my life.
Let me slip away
and fall into your love.

I am caught up in your spell.
I never want to lose this passion.
You are the one
that makes me feel safe.
The one that I love
and adore with all of my heart.
You have always been kind
to me ..

You make my heart
flutter and beat fast,
and you are the one
that fulfills me entirely.

You are my husband;
You are my haven .
You are my lover
and my best friend.

I love you more
than words can ever say.
But I hope these words will suffice

For I love you.

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  1. so sweet..
    hepi anniversary..
    moga kasih berpanjangan ke akhir hayat..